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Here We Grow Again 

I have no words to adequately express my thanks to those whom I call 'mentor' in my life.  I have been where some of you are today - starting out in a new role, new classroom, new performing ensemble, new career...for me it has been a ride to be sure!  

I have been so blessed to have principals, pastors, conductors, professors and colleagues who have been gracious with their time and knowledge.  What a blessing!

The singular most precious gift that we can give is to pour into someone else's life.  Sometimes it is only a conversation and sometimes it may take time over decades--but it is always impactful.  And not just to them, but to you.

I am involved in a career that has no real parallel in Canada and it is a privilege to share what I've learned with others.  If you have made it to my website,, it is likely because we have crossed paths or at the very least, you know someone who has crossed paths with me. 

The concentric circles created by those God-appointed moments when two people of like-minds meet continue to fill me with awe and wonder.   

Open your eyes and look for these moments daily.  It will be life-changing.

What I've Learned As a Pandemic-Era Professional  

Ponderings of a Pandemic-Era Professional: What I Learned – by Karen Burke 

(Excerpt from article published in ‘Anacrusis’, published by Choral Canada’s national journal, Vol. 39, No. 2, Summer 2021) 

Today is the first day of the rest of my dual career as a choral conductor and music educator.  We all had to make the decision this past year to re-evaluate our ‘why’ and press on. For so many of us, this journey was particularly hard as the title that defined us, was no longer possible.  Who are we if we can’t stand in front of a group of people and make music? Paradoxically, is a guitarist still a guitarist if they no longer own a guitar?  

As a Gospel choir conductor, my problem was compounded by the lack of colleagues that have been teaching this genre at the post-secondary level.  That summer was spent looking for solutions, inventing my own and then striking out with my goals in mind, even though I didn’t know what lay ahead.   

One thing I do know is that I am not the same musician that I was in 2020.  While my goal has always been to maintain a level of excellence, what I learned this past year is that my definition of excellence has had to shift.  In Jorgensen and Pfeiler’s book, “Things They Never Taught You In Choral Methods”, they have this to say about excellence, “Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”.  

How do we judge whether or not this past pandemic season was successful?  The same way that first-year teachers are asked to measure success.  Ask yourself, “Are you still standing?”  If you are, then you did well!  While our definition of excellence may have had to shift, it now includes a new standard.  This paradigm takes into consideration both the fragility and resilience of our students, a renewed gratefulness for our colleagues, thankfulness for the gift of collaborative music-making and hope for what lies ahead - Karen Burke


I am ecstatic to finally have a presence online where I can share the milestones, thoughts and knowledge that I have garnered after over 40 years as a conductor.  My passion is to teach and mentor musicians.  I also love to connect people with similar passions, stand back and watch the magic happen!

I truly believe that God has given us music as a unique medium.   It has the power to continue where words end.  Music is unique in the arts in that it needs no other medium to be experienced. It goes from my soul to yours.  Music requires no canvas, no earthly body or physical representation to become imprinted on our hearts.

As musical creatives, we have an awesome responsibility to inspire, enlighten and to influence.  I take this responsibility very seriously and I hope that you do too!

Join with me as musical moment to musical moment, we change our world!