YUGC ARE YOU WITH ME….? OH YEAHH WE HAVING CHURCH WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE! WHOO!!! Today was such a wonderful night!!! We together as a choir really pumped up the night and sang beautifully through our hearts and through our soul!!! It was a really sooo wonderful and amazing to get to know each and everyone one of you and we all grew closer and made this year such a beautiful one! Being in this choir felt more than just that. We are all like a family who is there for each other and learn so many things and have fun together, all guided by the wonderful Karen Burke which we thank you so much for pushing us to be what we want to be!

For all of us who are in our last year in this wonderful choir, we are all going to miss you dearly but your spirits will always live on thought YUGC!!!! This experience made it some of the best 4 years I spent here at York University and it will neve be forgotten! I dedicate this video to each and everyone of you in the choir, the musicians and especially BURKE!!. for just even being here and making this experience a really memorable one 🙂

Arhyba Gabgewage

I am sending you this email regarding the YUGC Concert I watch yesterday. It was beyond amazing. It was the first time I ever attend a Gospel Choir concert and it was phenomenal! I just wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing me to watch such a beautiful performance. there was such beautiful and positive energy at the concert. It was the first time I was moved by the song. At the end of the performance I was in tears, because of how amazing it was! Keep up the amazing work. I will be sure to always attend the YUGC productions.

Best Regards,
Lara Yehia 

I just wanted to let you know how much YUGC had changed my life this year. This class has blessed me in many ways and Tuesdays will always be my favourite day of the week. You are one of the most supportive teachers I have ever had in my entire student career.
Thanks so much for everything you’ve done,
Stefanie Chesser


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